Tuesday, 21 April 2015

More new products!

1040 loose socks + 940 'buruma'
Loose Socks
As promised, we are continuing to add more products to our popular line of anime/manga/cosplay related items. This month, we are pleased to add our own version of the ever-popular 'Loose Socks', as seen in many anime and manga series over the years, most recently worn by cute heroine Misaka Mikoto of 'A Certain Scientific Railgun' fame. The Model 1040 Loose Socks are 100% cotton socks, but much longer than usual at about 90cm long, and designed to be worn bunched up around the lower leg and ankles. First appearing in the early 1990's, they continue to play a large part in the world of Cosplay. Plus, of course, they are a perfectly serviceable pair of thick, warm socks, made from high-quality fabric, which should last a very long time. They come in one size, which should suit the majority of wearers, either male or female, and retail at £9.99GBP per pair.

1040 Loose Socks
They are in stock now; get yours today.

Also new this month, we have the new Model 0188 STW Dance Tights from Doyeah.
The 0188's are a sheer-to-waist style of glossy tights; they are a high-quality design comprising 82% Nylon and 18% elastane in 70 Denier wrapped Lycra yarn. They are designed for dancewear use, and have a single centre seam and small cotton gusset. They have a small area of reinforcement around the seams, and reinforced toes. They are heavier, more opaque and shiny than the 0178's introduced last month, plus they are more durable due to the wrapped Lycra fabric used.

0188 Black
The tights come in one size, which will cover heights of 160-185cm (approx 5' 3" - 6' 0") and hips of approx 85-108cm (32" - 44"). They have a comfortable, wide (2cm) sewn-in waistband. They are available in colours Light Skin, Pale Skin, Gold Skin, White and Black, and are in stock now at £10.99GBP per pair.

Doyeah 0188 Gold

Doyeah 0188 White

Doyeah 0188 Pale Skin
Doyeah 0188
0188 close-up

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