Friday, 17 December 2010

First4Legwear 270 Sheer Unisex Long-sleeved Bodystocking!

Just arrived (by popular demand) is the new F4L model 270 sheer unisex long-sleeved bodystocking. Made for us in the Far East, the 270 is comprised of soft, silky 15 Denier fabric comprising 75% nylon and 25% elastane. It has sheer toes, and is open at the crotch. It comes in one size, which the manufacturer states will cover heights from 4'11" to 6' (150-185cms) and hips of 32-48" (80-120cms). Available in colours Beige (skin-tone), Tan and Black. In stock now at £29.99 each.

Monday, 1 November 2010

More New Models!

We have just added four new models to our 'own-brand' range of value-for-money legwear.

First is the revised Mk2 version of the existing, popular 410 sheers (the remainder of which, now black only remaining, will be sold off for £4.99 per pair). Now in 6 denier 'ultrasheer' fabric, comprising 80% nylon and 20% elastane, they come in one size, to fit heights up to 6ft (185cm), hips 33"-43" (85-110cm), inside leg up to 33" (83cm), and  represent excellent value at the same price (£5.49 pp) as their predecessor. They also come in a wider range of colours; Beige (skin-tone), Black, Brown and Grey.

Next is the model 412, which is similar to the 410, on which it is based, but the 412 are Sheer To Waist, having no reinforced panty section. Sizing is the same as for the 410, and they are available in colours Black and Beige (skin-tone). They retail for a very reasonable £5.75 per pair.

Third is the Ultrasheer 6 denier model 455, which are luxurious sheer-to-waist tights comprising 80% nylon and 20% elastane; they have a small area of reinforcement around the flat centre seam and gusset, and have almost-invisible reinforced toes. They come in one size, which will cover heights of 150-180cm (approx 5' 0" - 5' 11") and hips of approx 85 - 110cm (33" - 42"), and in colours Beige (Skin-tone), Brown and Black. These should prove popular at only £5.99 per pair.

Last, but certainly not least, is the fabulous 457 10 denier sheer to waist Control Top Tights. These tights are remarkable in that they have a control top, but no visible reinforced panty; just a bikini-brief style area surrounding the flat centre seam and gusset. They are amazingly comfortable, and come in one size, which will cover heights of 150-180cm (approx 5' 0" - 5' 11") and hips of approx 85 - 110cm (33" - 42"); they are 10 denier, 85% nylon and 15% elastane, and have almost-invisible reinforced toes.
They are available in Beige (Skin-tone), Grey and Black, and retail for £8.99 per pair.

All these new styles are in stock now!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Special Purchase! Legwear Express D500 's Clearence Stock!

Special Purchase!

Since 2004, our brother site, Legwear4Men, stocked a very popular range of unisex dance and exercise tights by American manufacturer Legwear Express, called the D500's. Then, last year, the manufacturer ceased trading, L4M sold out their stock of D500's, and thought that was the end of it. However, we have now been able to purchase the entire remaining stock of D500's that were left when LE ceased trading, and, as they are a unisex style, we are offering them on both our sites,, and, for the fantastic price of £3.99 per pair (original price £5.99 p.p.). As they are clearance stock, the colour choices are limited to colours White and Theatrical Pink (not normal pink, but a sort of pale skin-tone), plus a very few pairs of Black in size S only. The tights are sheer-to-waist (no reinforced areas) matt opaques, made from 87% microfibre nylon and 13% elastane. They are soft to the touch, very comfortable, and very durable (as you would expect of dance tights). They have a single conventional centre seam, with a small cotton/nylon gusset (so as not to be visible if worn under a leotard or bodysuit).

At this price, they won't be around for long; get yours today!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

New Product - F4L 895 'Colour-Flash' Unisex Tights!

The new F4L 895 unisex colour-flash opaque tights are something of an eye-catcher! They have a conventional centre seam and gusset, with a wide waistband. The fabric is velvet-soft, and the tights come in one size, which will cover heights of 150-180cm (approx 4' 11" - 5' 11") and hips of approx 85-110cms (33.5" - 45.5"); they are 280 denier, 82% nylon, 10% elastane and 8% other, and have reinforced toes. They come in Black with blue and grey diagonal bands of colour.
In stock now at £9.99 per pair!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

More New F4L Products! Coloured and Patterned Tights!

In keeping with the current trend towards brightly-coloured and patterned tights, we have added 5 new models to our own-brand First4Legwear range. They are;

Model 445 Coloured STW Sheer Tights. 15 Denier, high-shine STW (Sheer To Waist - no reinforced area), they have a conventional (flat) centre seam and gusset, with a wide waistband. The fabric is velvet-soft, and the tights come in one size, which will cover heights of 145-175cm (approx 4' 9" - 5' 9") and hips of approx 80-110cms (31.5" - 43.5"); they are 15 denier, 92% nylon and 8% elastane, and have almost-invisible reinforced toes. They are available in Beige (Skin-tone), Blue, Green and Brown. Price is a very reasonable £4.99 per pair.

The Model 860 and 870 are both semi-opaque, the 860 being 80 Denier matt fabric, and the 870's 50 Denier high-shine fabric. Both are one-size, being suitable for heights of 145-180cm (approx 4' 9" - 5' 11") and hips of approx 90-110cms (35.5" - 45.5"). In both cases, the fabric is 92% nylon and 8% elastane. Colours available are; (860) Beige (Skin-tone), Blue, Grey, Lotus, Purple, Rose and Black and (870) Black, Beige, Purple, Rose, Ash (Dark Grey), Blue and Brown. Both styles are STW, and have flat seams and a wide waistband. Prices are 860 = £6.99 per pair, and 870 = £7.99 pp.

The next model, the 880, is a bit different; they are half-coloured, half-black opaque tights, the back half being black, and the front half being Purple, Blue, Grey, Bordeaux or Brown. They are made from soft, comfortable 100 Denier fabric, comprising 92% nylon and 8% elastane. Again one size, covering heights of 150-180cm (approx 4' 11" - 5' 11") and hips of approx 80-110cms (31.5" - 43.5"). They have flat seams and a cotton/nylon gusset, and retail for only £5.99 pp.

Finally, the Model 890 black-and-white check pattern tights are a bit of fun! They are 100 Denier opaque tights, comprising 88% nylon and 12% elastane, and come in one size, which will cover heights of 150-180cm (approx 4' 11" - 5' 11"). Brighten up your autumn/winter wardrobe with a pair at £8.99 each.

All these new models are in stock now.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

New Product Range from Evona!

We are pleased to announce we have just taken delivery of a new range of value-for-money tights and legwear, from Evona of the Czech Republic. We have much experience of their men's range of legwear which our 'brother' site, Legwear4Men, have carried for some years, so we know their quality and value to be excellent.

The range consists of the following models;

Capri 40 and 70 capri-length opaques,

Leggi 40 and 70 footless opaques,

Micro 40 Opaque tights,

Dora, Dita and Dorina classic sheer tights,

Vani 15 luxury sheer tights, and

Satin 20 satin sheer tights.

All represent excellent value for money, and can be viewed on the web site here,
and at prices from only £2.99GBP to £4.99GBP per pair, you can't go wrong! 

Thursday, 12 August 2010

New Product; ELA 'Scarlet' Patterned Tights

Following on from the popularity of the recently-introduced ELA 'Carmen' patterned tights, we have added another style of patterned tights to our range. The ELA 'Scarlet' has a distinctive zig-zag diamond pattern (see photos) and differs from other patterned tights in that the patterning goes all the way up to the waist (no reinforced panty section). They are the same price as the existing 'Carmen' style at £4.99 per pair and come in three sizes, M, L and XL, and three colours Dark Nude, Anthracite and Black. The fabric comprises 76% Nylon 6.6 and 24% Lycra elastane.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Now Live! - New Ladies Hosiery Site 'First4Legwear'!

We have just launched a new 'sister' site to Legwear4Men; called 'First4Legwear' it concentrates on quality tights and hosiery for ladies! Many of the manufacturers and suppliers we deal with at Legwear4Men also have ladies hosiery ranges, and we know from long experience with them that their products are of good quality and value, so we thought, 'Why should the girls miss out?' We have also had a large increase in the number of ladies contacting Legwear4Men recently for hosiery to suit taller and larger sizes, and we will be sure that the ladies hosiery products carried by First4Legwear will include larger/taller sizes too.

We will initially stock a wide selection of tights from the ladies range from Czech manufacturer ELA; they are of superb quality and value for money. ELA supply a number of large retailers with 'own brand' hosiery, but we are the first in the UK to stock their branded goods. STOP PRESS! Now Evona too! Also, we will carry Doyeah, E G Smith and EasyTherm Australia, plus the 'unisex' styles from the Legwear4Men range will be available through the new site as well. Existing customers/account holders will be able to log on to the new site with their existing passwords and usernames. Our plan is to add new brands as time goes on, so we should end up with as large a selection of ladies tights and hosiery as we currently have for men!

Watch this space!