Saturday, 28 August 2010

New Product Range from Evona!

We are pleased to announce we have just taken delivery of a new range of value-for-money tights and legwear, from Evona of the Czech Republic. We have much experience of their men's range of legwear which our 'brother' site, Legwear4Men, have carried for some years, so we know their quality and value to be excellent.

The range consists of the following models;

Capri 40 and 70 capri-length opaques,

Leggi 40 and 70 footless opaques,

Micro 40 Opaque tights,

Dora, Dita and Dorina classic sheer tights,

Vani 15 luxury sheer tights, and

Satin 20 satin sheer tights.

All represent excellent value for money, and can be viewed on the web site here,
and at prices from only £2.99GBP to £4.99GBP per pair, you can't go wrong! 

Thursday, 12 August 2010

New Product; ELA 'Scarlet' Patterned Tights

Following on from the popularity of the recently-introduced ELA 'Carmen' patterned tights, we have added another style of patterned tights to our range. The ELA 'Scarlet' has a distinctive zig-zag diamond pattern (see photos) and differs from other patterned tights in that the patterning goes all the way up to the waist (no reinforced panty section). They are the same price as the existing 'Carmen' style at £4.99 per pair and come in three sizes, M, L and XL, and three colours Dark Nude, Anthracite and Black. The fabric comprises 76% Nylon 6.6 and 24% Lycra elastane.