Tuesday, 30 October 2012

New Anime/Manga Item! 'Shima-Pantsu'!

The new Model 355 'Shimapan' briefs from First4Legwear are a classic 'panty' design, but based on the famous 'Shimapan' (short for 'shima-pantsu'; Japanese for 'striped panties') which are known and loved by fans ('otaku') of Japanese 'anime' and 'manga' worldwide, as they are famously worn by many 'anime' heroines. They are a classic 'brief' style, and come in the popular blue/white horizontal stripe. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL, they are made from soft, stretchy 95% cotton/ 5% Lycra, and are incredibly comfortable.
So whether you are a fan of Japanese animations or comics, or into 'cosplay', or just like striped briefs, these are the ones for you!

We are the only UK/European supplier of the famous 'Shima-pantsu'; why pay to ship them from Japan or the US when you can get them from us?!

They sell for a very reasonable £6.99 per pair. Get yours now!