Tuesday, 30 October 2012

New Anime/Manga Item! 'Shima-Pantsu'!

The new Model 355 'Shimapan' briefs from First4Legwear are a classic 'panty' design, but based on the famous 'Shimapan' (short for 'shima-pantsu'; Japanese for 'striped panties') which are known and loved by fans ('otaku') of Japanese 'anime' and 'manga' worldwide, as they are famously worn by many 'anime' heroines. They are a classic 'brief' style, and come in the popular blue/white horizontal stripe. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL, they are made from soft, stretchy 95% cotton/ 5% Lycra, and are incredibly comfortable.
So whether you are a fan of Japanese animations or comics, or into 'cosplay', or just like striped briefs, these are the ones for you!

We are the only UK/European supplier of the famous 'Shima-pantsu'; why pay to ship them from Japan or the US when you can get them from us?!

They sell for a very reasonable £6.99 per pair. Get yours now!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

New Products, and a new range!

Here at First4Legwear, we are always on the lookout for new and interesting products, and this month we have several, plus a new category we have not entered before; Anime, Manga and Cosplay-related items. We already have a couple of items which broadly fall into this category, but in future, we will be adding products specifically to this category.

The first such product is the new F4L 1020 striped opaque thigh-highs, known as 'shima-socksu' (Japanese for 'striped socks'), which are seen in many 'anime'  shows and manga comics. They come in one size, which will fit heights of up to 6ft (185cms), and three colourways; Blue/Black, Red/Black and Purple/Black. They are made from comfortable fabric comprising 97% nylon and 3% elastane, and seem to be quite durable. They are a 'stay-up' design, and as such do not require suspenders.

They are in stock now, and retail for a value-for-money £3.99 per pair.

Next is the new Doyeah 0918 10-denier sheer stockings. These are the first such product from Doyeah. They are made from the same shiny 10-denier, 86% nylon/14% elastane fabric as many of the Doyeah sheer tights, and our own model 440 STW's. They come in one size, which is suitable for heights of up to 6ft, and colours Beige, Tan, Bronze, Dark Nude, White, Grey and Black. They retail for a reasonable £5.99 per pair.

Monday, 10 September 2012

New products for September!

The new 612 unisex leggings are a fabulous product; they are made in one piece, so have no centre seam, just one on the inside leg, and they have a diamond-shaped gusset at the crotch. The fabric (90% nylon, 10% elastane), which has a slight 'sheen' to it, is very stretchy, and the product will easily fit wearers of 6ft height (185cm), 36" waist (92cm) and 33" inside leg. They are superbly comfortable for casual or 'sporty' wear, and come in a good range of colours.

An excellent product, and a worthwhile addition to our range!

In stock now, they retail for £11.99 per pair, and come in colours Black, Grey, Brown, Sky Blue & Navy.

The second new product is the new 380 'cycle-short' style unisex briefs.  Fans of Japanese anime and manga will know these as 'spats' (short for 'spandex pants'); they are commonly seen in many anime, so if you are a fan... :-)

Available in Black, and one size, which will fit most, they sell out at a very reasonable £5.99. Lightweight, and very comfortable, they are ideal as underwear (they are not suitable to wear as a top layer, as the fabric is too 'revealing'). In stock now!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New Product for June.

 First4Legwear 265 Bodysuit

The F4L 265 lightweight form-fitting long-sleeved bodysuit (a bodysuit is similar to a leotard, except that it has a convenient fastening underneath, to facilitate bathroom visits) is made from soft, silky microfibre fabric, and is ideal for wear with tights or other legwear; it offers comfort, climate control and is convenient to get on or off.
Available in one size, and colours Black, Beige, White and Navy. In stock now at £18.49 each.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

New Products! Thigh-Highs and Leggings

 We are pleased to announce the arrival in stock of two new products; the First4Legwear 1010 Opaque Thigh-Highs, and the 615 One-Size Leggings.

First the 1010 Thigh-Highs; we have been asked occasionally over the years for stockings and thigh-highs, but until recently, we felt there was insufficient demand to warrant carrying them on stock. However, in the last 12 months or so, we have been receiving more and more requests for them, so we decided to give it a go! We worked with the Chinese supplier who provides us with many of own own-brand and unisex products, and came up with the 1010's.

They come in one size, which is suitable for heights of up to 6ft (and we are able to confirm this!); they are opaque, 120 denier microfibre/elastane, and have cuffs at the tops of the legs (no suspenders or grip tape required!) and reinforced toes. They are essentially opaque tights without the panty section; they just stop at the tops of the wearer's legs. They are very comfortable, and seem to be durable too.

Made popular in recent years due to their being worn by many 'anime' and 'manga' heroines in the globally popular Japanese cartoons and comics, where they are known by the Japanese term 'ni-sokkusu' (literally 'knee-socks'); however, the 1010's do not need 'sock-tachi' (sock glue!) to keep them up. If you are a fan of anime or manga, you should check these out! Great for cos-play!

They are available in Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, Orange, White, and Beige(Skin-tone), and sell for a very reasonable £5.99 per pair. Get yours now!

 Secondly, the new 615 one-size, unisex leggings, come in a range of colours; Black, Grey, Sky Blue, Navy and Champagne. The fabric of the 615's is shiny and lightweight, and is very stretchy; we tested them on wearers up to 6ft in height, and they fitted with room to spare. They retail at £9.99 per pair, and are in stock now.