Saturday, 23 October 2010

Special Purchase! Legwear Express D500 's Clearence Stock!

Special Purchase!

Since 2004, our brother site, Legwear4Men, stocked a very popular range of unisex dance and exercise tights by American manufacturer Legwear Express, called the D500's. Then, last year, the manufacturer ceased trading, L4M sold out their stock of D500's, and thought that was the end of it. However, we have now been able to purchase the entire remaining stock of D500's that were left when LE ceased trading, and, as they are a unisex style, we are offering them on both our sites,, and, for the fantastic price of £3.99 per pair (original price £5.99 p.p.). As they are clearance stock, the colour choices are limited to colours White and Theatrical Pink (not normal pink, but a sort of pale skin-tone), plus a very few pairs of Black in size S only. The tights are sheer-to-waist (no reinforced areas) matt opaques, made from 87% microfibre nylon and 13% elastane. They are soft to the touch, very comfortable, and very durable (as you would expect of dance tights). They have a single conventional centre seam, with a small cotton/nylon gusset (so as not to be visible if worn under a leotard or bodysuit).

At this price, they won't be around for long; get yours today!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

New Product - F4L 895 'Colour-Flash' Unisex Tights!

The new F4L 895 unisex colour-flash opaque tights are something of an eye-catcher! They have a conventional centre seam and gusset, with a wide waistband. The fabric is velvet-soft, and the tights come in one size, which will cover heights of 150-180cm (approx 4' 11" - 5' 11") and hips of approx 85-110cms (33.5" - 45.5"); they are 280 denier, 82% nylon, 10% elastane and 8% other, and have reinforced toes. They come in Black with blue and grey diagonal bands of colour.
In stock now at £9.99 per pair!